Gold Medals for Leva wines

 A gold medal for Leva Chardonnay & Dimiat & Muscat, vintage 2018 and Leva Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, vintage 2018 in “Concours International Wine In Box”  . The 2019 edition of the event took place in Toulouse Fryday, March 22th. Gold is the only reward for this unique international contest focusing on wines packed in BIB(c) and which are rarely presented for tasting. Only the best are rewarded “Best Wine in Box”. Each jury is chaired by an oenologist to ensure that the tasting is carried out correctly and the quality of the winning wines is faultless. The winning producers will be allowed to stick the medals on their rewarded BIB(c) as a sign of quality and recognition. The contest delivers only one distinction: the golden medal of Best Wine In Box” as the emblem of excellence.